Everyday luxury. Classic British collectibles. Colourful conversation. Lou Rota Everyday makes how we dine as meaningful as what we eat and drink. Routine family meals acquire special creature comforts. Get-togethers are cheerful in nature with witty repartee. Celebrations and special occasions dazzle with finery and grand fun. When all is done, solitary moments sipping tea from a cherished mug are simply divine.

Everyday is a collection of English fine bone china thoughtfully handcrafted, shaped and streamlined to perform as beautifully as it looks, serve various uses to suit your lifestyle, and economise on cupboard space and clearing up. Each piece has the very feel of heritage. Sleek in hand. Silken to touch. Elegantly lightweight yet durable. Eye-popping imagery of Victorian-inspired flora and quixotic fauna create animated conversation, whether showcased a la carte, as a set, or mix matched with other stunning Lou Rota patterns.

Choose from four signature motifs of exuberant creatures and fine hand-drawn blossoms that enliven family meals and festive occasions alike. All year round. From breakfast to soirées. Crumpets to canapés. Little luxuries daily indulged.